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Special Education at H.D. Cooke

At HD Cooke, we have inclusion support and three specialized programs.

Inclusion Support

Inclusion means that the specialized instruction and related services for students with disabilities will be served while they are with their peers without disabilities in the general classroom.

Our goal is to help all students develop the skills they need to eventually learn in a general education classroom with their peers without disabilities. The goal of inclusion is to provide students with high-quality instruction that is aligned to grade-level expectations and gives them the opportunity to succeed in all areas. One important way inclusion happens is when a student’s special education needs are met in the general education classroom.

Specialized Programs

Specialized Programs refer to all specialized instruction and services that are provided to a class or grouping made up entirely of students with disabilities. 

ELS (Early Learning Supports) Grades PreK and K-2
The Early Learning Support (ELS) program is designed to meet the individual learning and behavioral needs of students with developmental delays, mild to moderate behavioral issues, and mild communication delays. Students in the ELS program requires a range of related services, such as speech and language, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and social emotional supports.

SLS (Specific Learning Support) Grades 3-5

The Specific Learning Support (SLS) program is designed to meet the complex learning needs of students who have been diagnosed with a specific learning disability (SLD), autism spectrum disorder (ASD) with a cognitive function range of 60 to 80, and other health impairments (OHI) that require intensive specialized instruction. 

Related Service

At HD Cooke we have the following related services available:

2 Speech Pathologist

1 Occupational Therapist

2 Social Workers

1 School Psychologist

For more information for Special Education services at HD Cooke, contact AP Price

Click here for more information on Special Education at DCPS. 

Student Transportation Through OSSE

The Student Transportation team provides safe, reliable, and efficient transportation services that positively support learning opportunities for eligible students from the District of Columbia. For more information, visit the OSSE webiste

Specials at H.D. Cooke:
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