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Library at H.D. Cooke

The H.D. Cooke Elementary School Library Media Center mission is to ensure that the students and staff are effective users of information and ideas.

To accomplish this mission the Library Media Center will:

  • provide access to materials in a variety of formats

  • provide instruction in the use of materials and equipment

  • design learning strategies tailored to meet the needs of individual students

  • provide a program that will develop positive learning experiences that will contribute to lifelong learning

  • assist the staff in integrating the library/media program into the curriculum

  • commit to becoming a partner with administrators, teachers, and parents in providing students with unrestricted access to information and ideas

  • serve as the center of resources and enrichment for our school community

  • assist students to find books that they will love!


  • Direct instruction and library/media center materials are intended to support, complement, and extend classroom instruction.

  • Library/media center instruction is intended to develop a life-long enjoyment of reading.

  • Library/media center instruction is intended to encourage students to develop life-long literacy skills, habits and attitudes.
          -Encourage students to become discriminating consumers and skilled interpreters of information.
          -Instruct students in the effective and efficient use of information and technology.


The mission of the school library media program is :

  • to be an integral part of H.D. Cooke  Elementary School and its surrounding community

  • to provide collaboration with staff to create authentic learning for all students

  • to provide quality resources and instruction to students and staff

  • to encourage staff and students in becoming effective users of ideas and information

  • to promote life-long reading and learning both for pleasure and for information

Specials at H.D. Cooke:
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